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The writing wall is surmountable; let's explore tools as keys to unblocking your story.

Castle Tower
Birth chart Reading

Story Structure Spread

$40 / 30 minutes

Every story is about a character's experience along a continuum of evolution toward self-realization, self-destruction, or both; it describes this journey, which begins inside characters, causing them to act out in the physical world. To unblock a story, the writer must discover what drives its characters on a personal scale, and equally important, what animates the cosmos in which they live--this is your map. Your characters are mirrors of the world crafted on the page.  

Who are they? What are their ghosts and weaknesses, their desires? From their goals, what plans of action must happen for the realization of those goals? What stands between your characters' goals and the having of them? Contemplating these questions is the key to unblocking your story. A Story Structure Spread may pinpoint where to look for clues; succinct questions inspire answers illuminating the writing journey.

Relationship Reading
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Writing Prompts with Cards

$40 / 30 minutes

The tarot deck represents a symbolic mythical journey. Each card is a beacon--a honing tool to focus and open the mind. The writer asks a question (about characters, story structure, themes, etc.), draws the cards, and tunes the inner ear toward the archetypal meaning inherent in the card; this is your personalized prompt!

Writer's block isn't about writing; it is about asking questions. As the consultant, I guide the session; as the creator of the characters and the story world--you stay open to shifts in perspective. Be prepared for insights and new directions to take your story. Writing prompts may be offered to individuals or a writing group.

yearly Transit Reading

Author Transit Chart

$40 / 30 minutes

Life is a series of cycles, like seasons. The planets spinning in orbits in synchrony is the amplified reflection of the seasons on earth. However far away the planets appear, their imperceptive movement impacts our lives as part of the complex web in which we are all entangled. Through astrology, we may interpret what periods of life are better for receptivity and which, in contrast, require action.


Are you seeking an agent or looking to publish your work? Based on the transits of planets relative to your birth chart, you may be working against a planetary alignment that seeks contemplation, rest, or inaction. An author's transit chart interpretation gives you insight into timing; often, it provides insight into why you feel or experience what appear to be setbacks. A block in one direction, may signal another path not yet considered.

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