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Read what authors are saying about their consultations; are you ready?

“The character Tarot reading gave me an enormous insight into the unconscious realm of my main character. I had only scratched the surface of this character and now thanks to the Tarot reading, I can take a deeper, more meaningful dive.”

Jacquelin Sheehan, New York Times best-selling fiction writer & essayist

“I had the great good fortune to connect with Pin at a time when my story was lying fallow. We ‘played cards’ with my characters—doing a tarot reading for each of them—and to my surprise, when I later returned to the writing, a key character developed in a very important way. When I heard Pin was extending her skills to offer unique readings for writers, I signed on immediately. In one hour Pin was able to offer me insight on how, why, and when the focus of my writing life might change. Sometimes doing a thousand words a day is the best way forward, sometimes it’s counterproductive. Pin has helped me let go of the pressure to perform on the page, and instead consider if another approach may be more helpful at the moment. I now take full advantage of the times when my writing is in the ‘flow’ and have learned how to restructure my time when inevitable challenges arise.”

Celia Jeffries, author of Blue Desert

“Wow. Thank you so much for the illuminating session. It took me by delighted surprise your poetic love for astrology, combined with your ever-unfolding insight and focus, helped me understand how best to align my creative time with my chart. I feel a weight has lifted around the timing of my next book release. I look forward to our next session.”

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